List of Battles in South Africa is a list of all military conflicts or battles fought within the borders of South Africa

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Khoikhoi–Dutch Wars
Anglo–Dutch rivalry
Xhosa Wars
Ndwandwe–Zulu War
Anglo–Zulu War
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Second Anglo–Boer War
First World War
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Khoikhoi–Dutch Wars (1650–80)[edit]

First Khoikhoi–Dutch War 1659
Second Khoikhoi–Dutch War 1673
Third Khoikhoi–Dutch War 1674–99

Anglo-Dutch rivalry (1664–1804)[edit]
Bartolomeu Dias, a Portuguese navigator, discovered the Cape of Good Hope in 1488. The Dutch settlement in the area began in March 1647. A Dutch expedition of 90 Calvinist settlers, under the command of Jan van Riebeeck, founded the first permanent settlement near the Cape of Good Hope in 1652. Cape Colony established in 1652. 31 December 1687 a community of Huguenots arrived at the Cape from the Netherlands. See also Huguenots in South Africa.

Occupation of Simon’s Town by the British 14 June 1795
Capture of Cape Town by the British 14–16 June 1795
First Occupation of Cape Colony by the British 1795, relinquished control of the territory in 1803
Second Occupation of Cape Colony by the British from 19 January 1806 until incorporated into the independent Union of South Africa in 1910

Cape of Good Hope War (Cape Colony)[edit]

Battle of Muizenberg 1795
Battle of Blaauwberg, also known as the Battle of Cape Town 8 January 1806

Xhosa Wars[edit]
also known as the Kaffir Wars or Cape Frontier Wars

First war (1779–81)
Second war (1789–93)
Third war (1799–1803)
Fourth War (1811–12)
Fifth War (1818–19)
Sixth War (1834–36)
Seventh War (1846–1847)
Eighth War (1850–53)
Cattle Killings (1856–58)
Ninth War (1877–79)

Ndwandwe–Zulu War (1817–19)[edit]
Also known as the Zulu Civil War. The fallout from this war led to the catastrophe known as the Mfeqane.

Battle of Gqokli Hill (1818)
Battle of Mhlatuze River (1819)

Battles between the Voortrekkers and Ndebele (1836-1837)[edit]

Voortrekkers under Andries Potgieter defeat the Ndebele at the Battle of Vegkop 1836
Voortrekkers under Andries Potgieter, Piet Uys an