The Spirit Never Dies

Studio album by Falco

December 4, 2009

Pop, rock

Warner Bros. Records

Gunther Mende
Alexander C. De Rouge

Falco chronology

Verdammt Wir Leben Noch
The Spirit Never Dies

The Spirit Never Dies is a 2009 rock album by Falco. The album features eight new songs as well as the final song in the Jeanny Trilogy entitled, The Spirit Never Dies.


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Track listing[edit]

Return to Forever – 2:08
Nuevo Afrikano – 4:57
Jeanny, Part 1 – 5:54
Coming Home (Jeanny, Part 2: Ein Jahr danach) – 5:31
The Spirit Never Dies (Jeanny Final) – 4:56
Qué Pasa Hombre (original version) – 4:41
Poison (original version) – 4:58
Sweet Symphony – 4:25
Kissing in the Kremlin – 3:53
Dada Love – 4:28
The Spirit Never Dies (Jeanny Final) The Special Mix – 5:01
Forever – 2:18

The album was released posthumously in 2009 as a compilation of unpublished Falco songs. The title track, “The Spirit Never Dies (Jeanny Final)”, was also released as a single and it scored in the top ten in Austria. The track was found by chance after a water-pipe burst in the archives of the recording studio Mörfelden-Walldorf that was used by Falco’s producer Gunther Mende in 1987. After the closing of the archives, the tapes were sent to Mende personally, who then had a look at the material, all of which had originally been rejected by Falco’s recording label Teldec; this was explained by Horst Bork in an interview mentioning that Falco had tried to use a different style of music at the time that the label did not want to support.[1]
After digital remastering of the tape the song was edited and published under the claim that it was the official third part of the Jeanny Trilogy by the album’s producers Gunther Mende and Alexander C. De Rouge.[2][3][1][4]
The album was a hit on the Austrian and German music charts.[5][6][7]

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